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The Theme of My Study

An Evaluation of Input Data Quality of Lifelog Analysis Application
※An evaluation of the quality of input data, which is got from a sensor space,
needed for the lifelog analysis application.


In recent years, with a rapid improvement of devices having various sensors that becomes smaller and increased performance, including network cameras and smart phones which can record video image, acceleration data, and GPS data, it has become technically easier to collect real-world data. In addition, regarding the accumulation of data, with the high-capacity storage and the storage services on the Internet, we can store, share, and search large amounts of data for free or very low cost.

Thanks to the development of data collection technologies and storage in recent years, a variety of lifelog analysis applications have been developed. However, in those applications, the quality of the data has not been considered in detail.

Then in this study, we focus on the quality of input data of the lifelog analysis application and do evaluation experiments to show the correlation between the input data quality and the correct output rate of the application. In the experiments, we suggest a "data quality evaluation framework" and do experiments in the sensor space including real-environment with the frame work.